Sunday, July 20, 2014


AMC attended the Blossom Music Festival, featuring the Cleveland Orchestra.  The Blossom Center is located about 25 miles from Cleveland and sits in a natural amphitheater.  The grounds are beautiful, as is the pavilion where the orchestra plays.  AMC sat about 8 rows back front and center in order to avoid having to hear the orchestra amplified.  Patrons load up on food to have an al fresco picnic on the expansive lawn surrounding the theater.  There were people so loaded with supplies, it was if they were planning a major cross country trek.  AMC realizes the value of bringing one's own food to Blossom given that the venue's own food is so expensive.  

However, the concert was grand.  Both the Mendelssohn and the Beethoven are perfect examples of how classical composers presented a melody and  developed to near exhaustion.  The Mendelssohn beings with a statement of the main theme that even introduces the final movement.  Ms Faust, the soloist in the violin concerto, began a bit timidly in that initial statement, but gathered steam and she ultimately provided a very satisfying performance.  She and Maestro Fisch seemed in sympathy with each other, save for a few times when his beat didn't quite match her's.  

The Beethoven was also admirably performed, with notable precision in the violins and beautiful playing in the woodwinds.  The second movement, marked Allegretto, was solemn and weeping.  AMC suspects that the Clevelanders are such a quality bunch that they could likely play this piece sans a conductor. 

People often ask AMC if you can really tell the difference in major orchestras.  AMC says yes-  and there is no mistaking the outstanding precision of this orchestra.   Their intonation is superb, and  to hear a violin section play as if it is one instrument is the hallmark of world-class.  

Its difficult to beat the combination of great music is a gorgeous setting with agreeable weather.  Add to it a stellar orchestra, AMC thinks the price of admission is quite low ($35).  Here's to next year.  

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