Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Maybe next time.....

The Georgia Chamber Players (GCP) is made up of three principals from the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra (Coucheron, Harris and Rex).  Competent musicians all.  The program, titled "Viennese Masterpieces," presented two staples of the chamber music repertory.  It was a congenial performance but it was not without its issues.  There were major intonation problems in both pieces, particularly from Ms. Yang and Mr. Rex.  Ms. Yang also had some noticeable bowing problems that created some mild screeching.  Mr. Coucheron, arguably the superstar of the ASO, has a very strong and aggressive playing style.   He tends to dominate, which can be more than a minor problem in a chamber ensemble.  His conception of the music and his performance style seem to make his part the centerpiece of the music, whether or not it should be.  This is exacerbated by the sometime reticent playing of Messrs Rex and Harris.  I noticed a similar difference in style and interpretation when Coucheron and Rex played the Brahms Double Concerto last year at the ASO.  The former was bold and brash, while the latter was rather mild. 

Only when Mr. Fleming joined the chamber group was there someone who could counterbalance the first violin part.  He, like Coucheron, uses a great deal of bow, producing a broad and rich sound.

The GCP are a significant part of the classical music scene in Atlanta, especially with the apparent demise of the Music on the Hill Series.  Possibly their next concert will be more focused and rehearsed.
Thanks to all of the benefactors, patrons, musicians, and volunteers that help make this concert possible. 

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