Monday, October 19, 2020

Reimagined ASO

This week, a musician friend posted on social media “If I see the words ‘reimagined season’ one more time I’m going to scream.”  Yes, the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra has proclaimed its slate of virtual concerts as a “reimagined” season. Yet, however described, American symphony orchestras are mostly dependent on non-governmental support and they are in a pandemic environment where they must scramble to find ways to survive, in part by finding new ways to continue a connection with their donors and music-loving audiences. The ASO management and musicians have responded, not just by reposting previously recorded material, but by creating new online video productions with major artists performing in carefully designed spaces providing access to concerts. This week’s performance began with a brief interview with renowned Israeli pianist Inon Barnatan, who expressed his gratitude at being able to play again with a full orchestra, something he has not done in several months.

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