Tuesday, September 29, 2020

The Lost Interview: Jim Cunningham, the Voice of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra

The Lost Interview: In November 2015, Mr. Jim Cunningham graciously agreed to an interview with AtlantaMusicCritic.com Unfortunately, the video was corrupted and could not be played. With the advent of new technology, this video is now playable and this lost interview is available. Small portions are missing, and the ending was truncated, but the richness of Jim’s knowledge still shines through.

WQED-FM's artistic director, Jim Cunningham hosts the nationally syndicated Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra (PSO) broadcasts, in addition to his hosting duties at the station. Mr. Cunningham has interviewed many of the most famous musicians of our time and has had close working relationships with the distinguished Music Directors of the PSO. Jim is an outstanding raconteur. Please enjoy this most Informative “lost” interview.

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