Sunday, July 21, 2013

This shouldn't take too long either...

AMC attended a concert by the considerably downsized Philadelphia Orchestra held at Longwood Gardens, Kennett Square, PA.  The temperature and humidity combined to make the night a drenching experience.  Some observations:

1.  The orchestra played on a portable stage in a meadow area of the Gardens.  AMC would recommend not sponsoring these performances until a suitable stage is available.
2.  Because of the poor stage, lacking an acoustic shell, all of the music had to be amplified.  AMC's home audio system sounds way better.  In addition, when live music is amplified, its impossible to tell anything about dynamics, balances, or intonation because of the vagaries of microphone placement and the taste of the sound technician.
3.  It was so hot and humid that soloist Nicola Benedetti struggled with an un-tuning violin and sweat. She had an animated exchange with conductor Macelaru after the first movement of the Tchaikovsky. Apparently the shoulder support for her instrument was malfunctioning.  AMC was certain that Ms. Benedetti was frustrated with the conditions and she produced a less than stellar performance, through no fault of her own. This was her premiere with the orchestra, so at least she add that she has soloed with it on her resume.
4.  The audience loved everything- they applauded anytime there wasn't music.  Really?- in Philadelphia?  AMC expected a bit more sophistication.

This venue is so bad that it seems only good for warhorses.  "1812" anyone?

Finally conductor Macelaru should find some shirts that fit properly.

Did AMC mention that it felt like the gateway to hell only with more humidity?

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