Friday, November 30, 2012

More Brief Reviews.....

Brief reviews....

Jackie Evancho, accompanied by the ASO, presented a solo performance in Symphony Hall.  The 12-year old presented a mix of pop and classical music.  She is beloved by millions, but... I want to be kind here- she has major intonation problems, poor vibrato, and major control issues in her lower registers. Someone must have told her to have "pear shaped tones" so she pronounces every ending "r" as an "o", as in "Septembo."  I supposed she (and her parents) want to cash in on the novelty of such a young person attempting this repertory. They better hurry, because I don't think her voice will last and she won't be cute anymore.  Too bad.

"The Pirates of the Caribbean" movie was presented, with the ASO playing the soundtrack.  It nearly filled the house so that is a good thing.  But Symphony Hall is no movie theater and the movie's dialogue was nearly incomprehensible from time to time.  The hall's acoustics are such that the amplified voiced is sometimes difficult to understand.  Again, too bad. 

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