Tuesday, November 14, 2023

2024 Grammy nominations!

The 2024 Grammy nominations are out.! AMC continues its record of interviewing so many Grammy nominees and winners. Here is the list for this year: –Akiho: In That Space, At That Time: Andy Akiho, composer (Andy Akiho, Ankush Kumar Bahl & Omaha Symphony) –Scriabin: Symphony No. 2; The Poem of Ecstasy: JoAnn Falletta, conductor (Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra) –Sculptures, Andy Akiho; Andy Akiho & Sean Dixon, producers And Best Engineered album:  

Tchaikovsky: Symphony No. 5 & Schulhoff: Five Pieces, Mark Donahue, engineer; Mark Donahue, mastering engineer (Manfred Honeck & Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra) 

JoAnn Falletta

Ankush Kumar Bahl

Andy Akiho

Manfred Honeck

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