Saturday, October 26, 2019


Tropical storm Nestor had its way with the Atlanta area on Saturday. It brought needed drenching rain to an area that has just recently endured 90-days of plus 90-degree temperatures with little moisture. In spite of the storm, some 100 or so classical music aficionados made their way to Morrow, GA, which is the home of Clayton State University (CSU) and its wonderful Spivey Hall. This 492-seat concert hall sits in a bucolic setting, amongst the large trees that overlook the campus lake. Even more notable is that Spivey has some of the best acoustics to be found anywhere in the Atlanta area, if not the entire state. It is decorated in a kind of post-modern neo-baroque style with a wooden main floor that likely adds to the acoustic joy.
At the risk of belaboring a metaphor, Spivey hosted another storm Saturday evening: that of the pianist Lars Vogt and violinist Christian Tetzlaff. These German-born virtuosi are world-class performers and they applied their skills to a program that required enormous skill and musicality.

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