Friday, October 4, 2019

A Hot Fall night...

There have been 90 days of above 90 degrees (F) in Atlanta, even into early October. It seems that one's sole quest is to move from one air-conditioned space to another, as quickly as possible. Last evening the chillers were working overtime in Symphony Hall; they had to because the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, under music director Robert Spano, gave a red-hot performance.
Tengku Irfan and Robert Spano © Nunnally Rawson
Tengku Irfan and Robert Spano
© Nunnally Rawson
This is the second concert weekend that began with works of Richard Wagner. The Preludes to Act 1 and 3 from Lohengrin are fine examples of the composer’s romanticism, the first being particularly rich and beautiful, full of mystical lyricism. The introductory passages are played by the high strings, and rather than lush and transparent, the violins sounded rather steely and hard. As the piece progressed their sound became richer and sweeter. The Act 3 Prelude provided an opportunity for the horns to shine, and indeed they did; their confidence and accuracy added to the power of the performance. Maestro Spano chose a brisk tempo that entirely suited. 

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