Thursday, July 4, 2019

ATLANTA, GA— The American prairies seem endlessly long and mostly uninteresting to people who drive across the country’s vast mid-section. The big sky with the big sun makes sunglasses and air conditioning mandatory in the summer. In the winter the wind and the gray can be numbing. But to those who live there and have learned to their land, it is a landscape made up of small and beautiful miracles. The wildflowers, the stalks of wheat, the symmetry of the corn rows, and the windblown trees combine to make a breathtaking landscape.
Wyoming is one of those places that most people will never see, yet it has that unique prairie beauty. Except that on October 12, 1998 the landscape played unintended host to a savage and inhumane killing of a young man. Near Laramie, that’s where young Matthew Shepard was tortured, only to be stripped of his consciousness, his peace, and ultimately his life. For the complete review, go here:

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