Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Runnicles takes it to the limit.....

One of the arguments for having guest conductors at symphony orchestras is that they can bring new perspectives and techniques to challenge the status quo of musicians and resident conductors. Like so much of life, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Maestro Donald Runnicles has been principal guest conductor of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra for about a decade. He has developed a reputation as someone who how can shake things up, in a good way, each time he visits. In tonight’s concert, he demonstrated some of what he does best: creating tight tempi, great ensemble among the musicians, rapport with the guest artist, and paying attention to the detail of dynamics, which he successfully communicates to the musicians. If one were to hear the ASO for the first time with Runnicles on the podium, it would sound like the world class orchestra it aspires to be.  For the complete review, go here:  https://bachtrack.com/review-runnicles-gerstein-atlanta-symphony-january-2017https://bachtrack.com/review-runnicles-gerstein-atlanta-symphony-january-2017

Photo:  Greg Mooney

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