Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Great Shostakovich......

Most composers have a characteristic sound. With Brahms, it is the unmistakable warmth of the lower strings and horns; with Tchaikovsky it’s the brass and dance-like passages; and with Beethoven its strong thematic statements and development. Contemporary composers have similar sound signatures. For example, it is easy to identify John Adams’ works because of their colorful orchestrations, bright percussive effects, minimalist repetition, and irregular meters. In honor of Adam’s 70th birthday, Robert Spano and the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra are programming several of his works this season and this week’s concert featured the often-played foxtrot The Chairman Dances (based on music from Nixon in China). For the complete review, go here: https://bachtrack.com/review-shostakovich-spano-muzijevic-atlanta-symphony-october-2016

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