Sunday, January 19, 2014

A Conversation with...Anthony Arasi

Take a peek into the sonic wizardry behind pop (and other) music.  Mr. Arasi is a Mixing Engineer in Atlanta who has worked with numerous performers to produce the sound desired by artists, producers, and musicians. Here is an index of topics Anthony discusses:
3:44- Definition of Mixing
6:30- Where does the artist fit in?
8:15- Working from a score
9:00- Marketing
11:15- Artists and commercial success
11:59- CD mastering
13:30- Mastering
15:45- Stems
17:45- Managing Noise
20:00- Analogue vs. digital
21:29- Mixing for various listening environments
24:30- Mixing for Earbuds
28:15- Vocal Tuning
22:44- Vocal comping
35:30- A bit of history

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