Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Invisible Man...

Here is a nice review of Robert Spano's two recent concerts in New York:  Obviously these were well received.  AMC recently made a comment, for which AMC was criticized about Mr. Spano's near invisibility at Atlanta's Symphony Hall this year.  AMC counted the number of times Mr. Spano appeared on the podium at a traditional classical concert this year.  Of the 25 concerts, he has performed and is scheduled to appear in 12 of them.  That is slightly less than half.  Does that equate to near invisibility? Well for an orchestra that has a very large operating deficit and a Music Director, i.e., Spano,  that earns about half a million per year, 50% fits AMC's definition.  There are several recent article's about the finances of US orchestra's and their perilous situations.  There have been cries for new business models, but ultimately discussants decry the lack of music education in schools.  AMC has suggested that one step would be to require that more concerts be conducted by their high priced music director's.  AMC stands by that recommendation  and though Spano received kudos in New York, better he stay in Atlanta and save the ASO of having to pay for the fee and expenses of guest conductors.  

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