Monday, December 31, 2012

The Holiday Season in music....

The holiday season at Atlanta's Symphony Hall  was a mixed bag:

1.  There was a leaden performance of the Bach Gloria from the B Minor Mass.      The annual performance of the "Messiah" was not much better.  Word to anyone interested:  if you are a choral conductor, don't forget you have to conduct both the orchestra and the chorus. Multi-tasking is important.

2.  Celtic Woman presented a holiday program full of overly-familiar Christmas music, with little that is "Celtic."  They seem to be latter day versions of the Stepford Wives.  I have had my supply of saccharine for the next decade.

3.  There was a Pops concert featuring singer Jodi Benson.  I am sure that many like this kind of thing, but my ears bled for two days after hearing Ms. Benson's caterwauling.

4.  There was a non-holiday concert by the group "Under the Streetlamp."  These four men are talented and they never condescend to their material.  For me, it was a thoroughly enjoyable performance.

Outside of Symphony Hall there was a concert by the "New Trinity Baroque."  See my review elsewhere.  This was the highlight concert of the holiday season.  This is a great ensemble that never fails to deliver a great performance.  

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