Thursday, March 1, 2012

Jupiter String Quartet

The Jupiter String Quarter, as part of the Spivey Hall community outreach program, played for a lunchtime event at the studio of WABE.  The quartet played two movements from  Mendelssohn String Quartet No. 1.  They also played the second movement of Ravel's String Quartet.  Nelson Lee, the first violinist, noted that this music was inspired by Indonesian gamelon music.  Once he said it, I heard it.  It was a good piece of information.  John Lemley from WABE was the host and interviewed the members of the quartet, which will be broadcast as part of WABE's City Cafe.  It was interesting to hear a string quartet play in a TV studios very dry acoustical environment.  Each instrument stood out, especially the viola, so no one could  take refuge in a rich reverberation venue.  An aural sptolight was cast on each player and they performed very well.

My phone takes terrible pictures.  

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