AMC Who?

Who is AMC?

AMC is an avid classical music fan, and has been for several decades.  AMC is a clinical psychologist specializing is substance use disorders as they relate to the health care system.

Why must you read what AMC writes?

You must not read AMC's writings, but you probably should.

What is AMC hoping to achieve?

AMC wants to share the experience of enjoying fine music- its upside and, occasionally, its downside. Some performances are great, but to keep the universe in balance, some are terrible.  Most are mediocre. AMC likes to tease out those in all three categories.

Is AMC to be believed?

But of course.

What was the first piece of classical music that AMC enjoyed?

Rimsky-Korsakoff's "Scheherazade."

In the name of full disclosure, who is AMC's favorite composer?

AMC has two:  Brahms and Glass

Who are AMC's favorite contemporary conductors?

Vasily Petrenko, Gianandrea Noseda, Manfred Honeck, Donald Runnicles

Who are AMC's least favorite conductors?

AMC is too diplomatic to make such a list.

What conductor would AMC most like to see and hear?

Valery Gergiev (AMC finally heard a concert with Gergiev and it was wonderful; search the blog for a review).

Who were AMC's favorite historical conductors?

Eurene Ormandy, Leopold Stokowski, Willliam Steinberg, Leonard Bernstein

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